Our Credo

With us, you’re like family.

It may seem cliché, but at FireOwls, our customer is really like our family. We enjoy working right next to our customer day in day out. Naturally, we come to know them very well and treat them like our closest kin or our dearest friends.

Our family mantra is as follows:

  • Remain sincere and honest at all times.
  • Complement and complete each other: create the winning team.
  • Go the extra mile whenever possible.
  • Share accountability: success and failure.
  • Believe in continual growth, learning and diversity of experience.
  • Golden Rule into practice: Do unto others as you’d like them to do to you.

We know that our own families can only thrive when yours does. It is our duty – and privilege– to treat you and your business with the utmost care at all times.

We dedicate our technical excellence to your business.

Our standards are extremely high.  After all, we have all burned the midnight oil achieving technical excellence in the CCIE.  We dedicate this same passion, diligence and excellence to our clients.  While you focus on your business, you can rest assure that we will keep your engineering and operations running smoothly.  We will look for ways to accelerate your business.  We are dedicated to not only providing a high level of engineering expertise, but also creating a positive impact upon our clients’ business outcomes.

Improving quality of lives and communities through better technology

Our world isn’t just getting more connected through technology, it is improving our lives. While there are innovative new technologies focused on keeping us entertained, what is most impactful are the technologies focused on improving our lives and keeping us healthy.

For example, Medisafe is the leading cloud-synced mHealth platform helping patients stay on top of their many medications. Another technology at TeamGHS sets out to create a way for families to incentivize their recycling initiatives. “Companion” App protects one when they’re walking through a dark parking garage, through downtown late at night, or in a dangerous area, by giving permission to a friend or relative to track them. Autism and Beyond app could screen for symptoms of autism by reading children’s facial expressions for emotional cues.

Many of our client’s mission is to make everyday life better for their customers. Our mission is to help them in bettering the lives of their customers, the communities we all serve and to inspire others to do the same.


We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Humility, Technical Excellence & Sheer Determination

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