Project Description

Infrastructure Services

5.1 System management

5.1.a    Implement and troubleshoot device management

  • 5.1.a (i)    Console and VTY
  • 5.1.a (ii) telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP
  • 5.1.a (iii) (T)FTP

5.1.b    Implement and troubleshoot SNMP

  • 5.1.b (i)    v2c, v3

5.1.c   Implement and troubleshoot logging

  • 5.1.c (i)            Local logging, syslog, debug, conditional debug
  • 5.1.c (ii) Timestamp

5.2 Quality of service

5.2.a    Implement and troubleshoot end to end QoS

  • 5.2.a (i)     CoS and DSCP mapping

5.2.b                      Implement, optimize and troubleshoot QoS using MQC

  • 5.2.b (i)    Classification
  • 5.2.b (ii) Network based application recognition (NBAR)
  • 5.2.b (iii) Marking using IP precedence, DSCP, CoS, ECN
  • 5.2.b (iv) Policing, shaping
  • 5.2.b (v) Congestion management (queuing)
  • 5.2.b (vi) HQoS, sub-rate ethernet link
  • 5.2.b (vii) Congestion avoidance (WRED)


5.3 Network services

5.3.a       Implement and troubleshoot first-hop redundancy protocols

  • 5.3.a (i)    HSRP, GLBP, VRRP
  • 5.3.a (ii) Redundancy using IPv6 RS/RA

5.3.b                Implement and troubleshoot network time protocol

  • 5.3.b (i) NTP master, client, version 3, version 4 5.3.b (ii) NTP authentication

5.3.c        Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP

  • 5.3.c (i)         DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay
  • 5.3.c (ii) DHCP options
  • 5.3.c (iii) DHCP protocol operations
  • 5.3.c (iv) SLAAC/DHCPv6 interaction
  • 5.3.c (v) Stateful, stateless DHCPv6
  • 5.3.c (vi) DHCPv6 prefix delegation

5.3.d        Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 network address translation

  • 5.3.d (i)    Static NAT, dynamic NAT, policy-based NAT, PAT
  • 5.3.d (ii) NAT ALG

5.4 Network optimization

5.4.a     Implement and troubleshoot IP SLA

  • 5.4.a (i)    ICMP, UDP, jitter, VoIP

5.4.b Implement and troubleshoot tracking object

  • 5.4.b (i)     Tracking object, tracking list
  • 5.4.b (ii) Tracking different entities (e.g. interfaces, routes, IPSLA, and such)

5.4.c Implement and troubleshoot netflow

  • 5.4.c (i)     Netflow v5, v9
  • 5.4.c (ii) Local retrieval
  • 5.4.c (iii) Export (configuration only)

5.4.d                Implement and troubleshoot embedded event manager

  • 5.4.d (i)    EEM policy using applet

5.5 Troubleshooting infrastructure services

5.5.a     Use IOS troubleshooting tools

  • 5.5.a (i)    debug, conditional debug
  • 5.5.a (ii) ping, traceroute with extended options
  • 5.5.a (iii) Embedded packet capture

5.5.b                   Apply troubleshooting methodologies

  • 5.5.b (i)    Diagnose the root cause of networking issue (analyze symptoms, identify and describe root cause)
  • 5.5.b (ii) Design and implement valid solutions according to constraints
  • 5.5.b (iii) Verify and monitor resolution

5.5.c      Interpret packet capture

  • 5.5.c (i)           Using wireshark trace analyzer
  • 5.5.c (ii) Using IOS embedded packet capture